B2B data service

With Inkdesk, you’re not buying a list from a database, you’re buying a fully managed data solution

Hand Sourced

Our data team sources and cleanses data by hand for each and every campaign to ensure quality.

Manually Verified

After your data is sourced, our QA team verifies the data manually to guarantee accuracy.

Quality data

When you request prospect data from Inkdesk, you know you’re getting fresh, up-to-date data that is unique to your prospecting needs.

Wayne Enterprises

Customisable data segmentation

Because we source all data ourselves, there’s no limit to the kinds of prospects we can collect. We create a priority flow to ensure we’re getting the exact prospect profile that you want to target. Segment by these fields, or whatever you can think of - the possibilities are endless.

Have your own data?

No problem - we can verify all data you provide to us to make sure your letters reach the right people, and enrich it with further data that may be missing from your list.

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CRM ready

Let us know which CRM you use and we can provide your data list in the correct format, ready to be imported.

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LinkedIn & email follow-up

If you add on our email or LinkedIn follow-up services, it is always personal and professional - we message from your accounts so your prospect knows it's you.

  • Personalised
  • No spamming
  • GDPR

Data you can trust

We’re about quality, not quantity test
We are transparent about the volume and availability of data records. On the rare occasion that we’re unable to find the data you want, we would never provide you with irrelevant or unusable data just to fill quotas.
No more dubious
We know our data is reputable as we source it ourselves. We do not buy pre-existing lists, so we know exactly where each piece of data was sourced from and that it was sourced responsibly.
Data security is our top priority
Whether data is provided to us by you, or we source it ourselves on your behalf, we never keep or reuse it - we only retain data for 30 days after your campaign, then it is virtually shredded.
If you would like more information about our data security procedures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at: hello@inkdesk.com
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